Looking at the Details with Celine Marchbank – Leica Akademie workshop at Royal Photographic Society Bath

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Venue: RPS BATH, Fenton House, 122 Wells Rd, Bath, BA2 3AH

Date: Saturday the 18th February 2017

Time: 10.30-17.00

Price: £95


Workshop description

Join award winning photographer Celine Marchbank for a Leica Akademie workshop held at the Royal Photographic Society.

This is an opportunity to gain an insight into Celine’s way of thinking, while being challenged on the day to produce a small body of work for review in the afternoon.

Participants are invited to borrow a Leica camera for the duration of the workshop (Reserve a camera/lens prior to the workshop by emailing akademie.uk@leica-camera.com).


We often forget to stop, look and experience the moment, and consider the smaller details surrounding us. On Celine’s workshop she’d like to encourage participants to do just that; study the everyday life around them.

As a photographer, Celine has always been obsessed with finding the beauty in the everyday details we seem to overlook. She feels it’s the photographer’s role to see something others might miss and say ‘hey, look over here’.

“You don’t always have to tell the whole story in just one image. You can merely hint at things, and build up the story in a sequence of images”, says Celine.  Inspecting the smaller, abstract and often overlooked details of our everyday life, Celine may ponder the teacup someone has left on a table, an item left on a street, the strange mark along a wall. She always wonders who put it there and when?

With an aim to capture a certain mood in her images, the camera is a tool for creative use; it’s not always about getting images perfectly exposed. Celine will encourage participants to try the same. 

Workshop participants will be sent out to shoot with specific tasks in mind to make them pay more attention to the everyday, and to encourage them to try to create a visual mood and story within their images.

A Leica expert will also be in attendance for this workshop.



10.30-11.30 – Introduction to Celine’s practice with work examples.

Review of participants’ images (participants are asked to bring 5-10 images for review; images can be printed or supplied on a USB stick in a jpeg format). 

Photo Brief with Q&A

11.30-12.00 – Leica camera overview / user tips 

12.00-15.00 – Shooting time / lunch break.

15.00-17.00 – Edit images into a 10 image story and group review (If possible  

                            please bring a laptop with editing software (e.g. Lightroom).

Venue: RPS BATH, Fenton House, 122 Wells Rd, Bath, BA2 3AH 

Date: Saturday the 18th February 2017

Time: 10.30-17.00 

Price: £95



This workshop is open to all levels of photographers who are keen to grow their skill set. 

If borrowing Leica equipment, you will need to bring the following:

- Two forms of ID (The first form of ID should be a passport or UK driving license, and the second form, a utility bill showing your home address).

- SD memory card. 

Celine Marchbank is a British documentary photographer. Her work concentrates on small stories, examining the quiet details of everyday life. Much of her work is about exploring inner emotions, to try to understand them and the world around her better.

Celine’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK, and internationally. Her work has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards including The European Publishers Award For Photography, The Deutsche Bank Photography Award, The Lucie Foundation, and was a finalist in the Emergentes DST International Photography Award, Magenta Flash Forward Awards, winner of the Hereford Photography Festival Open Here Award and jury’s choice for the Prix Virginia International Photography Prize for Women.

She is a graduate of the MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography course at the London College of Communication and has a BA in Graphic Design.

This year saw Celine publish her first book: Tulip, the story of the last year of her mother's life. Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing and was met with widespread acclaim, being featured in The British Journal of Photography, BBC News, The Independent, The Telegraph Magazine, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Photomonitor, and was named Photo Book of the Month by Sean O’Hagan in The Observer newspaper.

Based in London she spends her time working on long-term documentary projects, exhibiting work regularly, and undertaking commercial and editorial commissions. She is also a regular sessional lecturer in documentary photography on the BA Digital Photography course at Ravensbourne University in London, and a Fellow of the RSA. 


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