Leica Masterclass: Commercial Advertising Photography - Tradecraft Secrets & Developing Your Own Vision

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Join Leica S Ambassador and professional photographer, Richard Seymour, on a one-day workshop to discover what it takes to work as a commercial advertising photographer.

Richard will teach you how to refine the subjects that inspire you into a viable commercial style while discussing scores of trade secrets - many learnt the hard way - to save you time and money enhancing your approach to both commissions and personal work.

Richard’s professional career spans almost three decades with experience shooting in more than 30 countries.

Dates: Saturday 6th May


Location: Leica Studio, 27 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6NQ

Cost: £250

Lunch included (please advise of any dietary requirements on making a booking) 

Refreshments included

Your vision - how to crystallise your passions

Workshop will cover the following topics:

·      The changing landscape of advertising and commercial photography 

·      The power of collaboration

·      Selling: presentation is everything

·      The copyright minefield

·      What to charge - how to avoid underselling yourself

·      How to share the workload with your crew

·      How to shoot effectively from a helicopter  

·      The dos and don’ts of professional automotive photography

·      How to used advanced composite techniques convincingly - an overview

·      The basics of capturing assets for CGI including a practical demonstration

·      Packing for overseas shoots - the pitfalls

·      How testing is an essential element of professional photography

·      The future: VR, CGI and motion. Change or become irrelevant

·      Extended Q and A session to give participants time to ask those burning questions 

Richard will illustrate the subjects covered with working examples from his vast portfolio. 


Richard Seymour is one of the UK’s foremost commercial location photographers.

He has won numerous photographic awards over the past decade including ‘Best in Category’ twice at the Association of Photographers Awards in London. 

His areas of specialisation include automotive, urban landscape, aerial and aerospace.  

He has shot a diverse range of commissions including signature aerial photography of London’s Shard, combat hospitals in Afghanistan, and even Spaceports in the New Mexico desert, combining real world photography with CGI. 

Much of his work is at the cutting edge of photography using CGI and advanced composite techniques, and he is now moving into directing commercial films and using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


This workshop is for practising professional photographers in the early stages of their career, who already understand the fundamentals and are looking to develop their own style and want to enhance their knowledge of professional practice.

Leica workshops are intended for adults 18 years or older. Individuals under 18 years of age wishing to attend must be accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must make the booking on behalf of the attendee, and must notify the Leica Akademie when making the booking.

 Leica reserves the right to change any prices, services or other particulars contained in its website or printed materials at any time before entering into a booking. If there is any change, the Leica Akademie will notify the attendee before entering into such a booking.

If the workshop includes lunch, attendees are asked to e-mail the Leica Akademie (akademie.uk@leica-camera.com) regarding any special dietary requirements when making the booking.

Please refer to all information provided regarding individual workshop details and requirements. Confirmation of your booking will constitute your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined.

Payment and cancellation procedures

 Where charges apply, Leica workshops must be paid for in advance by bank transfer or credit/debit card. Refunds for cancellation on the part of the attendee will be given as follows:

◦    Cancellation made up to 14 days before the workshop date – full refund

◦    Cancellation made between 8 -13 days before the workshop date – 50% refund

◦    Cancellation made up to 7 days before the workshop date – no refund

 If payment for the workshop is not received in advance, we regret that the participant will not be able to attend.

The Leica Akademie reserves the right to cancel or alter any workshop. All workshop dates and times are subject to change, but Leica will endeavour to ensure workshops are held on the committed dates/times, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as the tutor being unable to attend due to illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. Leica will inform the participants with as much notice as possible on these occasions.

 Should a cancellation become necessary by the Leica Akademie, the attendee will have the choice of attending an alternative workshop (and where this is of a lower price, Leica will refund the difference), or withdrawing from the workshop and, where applicable, accepting a refund of all monies paid for that specific workshop to Leica Camera Ltd.

In the event that the specific tutor is unable to attend due to illness or other circumstances beyond Leica’s control, then the workshop will be cancelled, if no suitable replacement tutor can be arranged.

For complimentary workshops, the workshop will be rearranged to another date and the attendee offered a place on that alternative date.

No cancellation penalties (including travel expenses to and from the workshop, or accommodation costs) will be paid out in the event of workshop cancellations by Leica Akademie. Please check your hotel and travel cancellation policy as this may be affected in the event of a cancellation or alteration to a workshop.


Attendees are responsible for the security and safety of all items brought to a Leica Akademie workshop, and are also responsible for both their own insurance and the insurance of their own equipment. At no time should any items brought to the workshop be left unattended. Leica Camera Ltd does not accept liability for any loss, injury or accident that may occur during a workshop.

 Use of Leica Akademie equipment

Please act responsibly when using any Leica Akademie equipment. We recommend, for instance, that refreshments are kept at a safe distance from all electrical appliances.


For workshops where Leica equipment is to be taken off the premises, attendees will be asked for two forms of I.D. on arrival and their full name and address, which will be kept for the duration of the workshop only. This information is required for security and insurance purposes, and will not be passed to any third parties. If two forms of I.D. are not provided, we regret that the participant will not be able to attend.

Suitable forms of I.D. are:

◦    First I.D. – a passport or UK driver’s licence

◦    Second I.D. – a utility bill or landline telephone bill showing the attendee’s home address

Outdoor workshops

If you are attending one of our workshops that involves an outside activity, please ensure you bring appropriate outdoor clothing and suitable protection for your camera.

Health & Safety and Security

In attending any workshop, you must comply with the provisions of the health and safety policy applying to the Leica Akademie, and with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the Leica Akademie by the relevant fire authority. Copies of these policies are available to view on request.

You must comply with all guidelines and policies issued to you in connection with your use of the Akademie and the equipment therein. If, in our opinion, we consider that at any time up to and during the Akademie workshop you may cause damage to people or property, we reserve the right to terminate the workshop forthwith and you shall not be entitled to any refund of your fees.

Arrival/departure times

The Leica Akademie facilities are to be found on the first and second floor of 27 Bruton Place, Mayfair W1J 6NQ. When arriving at 27 Bruton Place, London W1J 6NQ, please enter through the Leica Café Optik entrance (opposite the store), which is on the ground floor. We request that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the workshop, due to store opening hours and prior appointments. Due to other workshops, events and activities scheduled to take place at the Leica Akademie, Leica requests that attendees leave the Akademie training room promptly at the end of each workshop.


Please note that Leica Akademie group workshops usually take place in our studio training facility, which is located at the top of 33 stairs (2nd floor) at 27 Bruton Place, as well as out on location. If you have any accessibility needs or any other special requirements to attend a workshop, please contact the Leica Akademie to let us know and we will happily discuss any reasonable adjustments with you, for example, we may be able to run the Akademie from Café Optik on the ground floor.

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