Golfing from a different point of view: Leica Pinmaster II


New laser rangefinder offers clearer display, ultra-waterproof lens coating, dual metre/yard settings for international use

Golfing from a different point of view: Leica Pinmaster II

Leica has today announced a new version of its high-performance laser rangefinder for golfers. The Leica Pinmaster II is designed to help golfers reduce their handicap by providing a close-up view of the golf course and measuring the precise distance to each pin, allowing the player to choose the correct club in a matter of seconds.

This new version of the Pinmaster offers the golfer an even clearer LED display for more accurate measurement, up to a maximum distance of 750 metres or 825 yards. The LED adjusts automatically to ambient light, and is particularly useful in, for example, bright sunlight on the fairway, with a visibly sharper, brighter read-out and balanced contrast, so it is always easy to read.

In addition, a special water-repellent lens coating called Leica AquaDura™ ensures that even on the worst rainy days, water will simply roll off, so the golfer has a clear view through the Pinmaster II at all times. The coating also makes the lens extremely easy to clean.

Despite its advanced optical technology, the Leica Pinmaster II is straightforward to use, with just a single button operation. The golfer simply aims the rangefinder at the pin, and at the press of the button, the invisible, eye-safe laser beam – coupled with Leica’s ‘First Target Logic’ technology – scans the terrain and measures the exact distance to the pin with ease. The accuracy of First Target Logic ensures that the device picks out the very first object in its path, i.e. the pin, rather than tree branches, long grass or other objects behind it.

Golf Course

The Pinmaster II’s durable die-cast aluminium body, coupled with a carbon fibre-reinforced casing, makes it exceptionally robust yet lightweight (just 220g), and protects the device against the toughest environmental conditions, for many years of use. It is also watertight to a depth of one metre.

Furthermore, its compact size means it will slip easily into a pocket, making it ideal for players to keep with them at all times.

The Leica Pinmaster II features 7x magnification and a wide field of view of 115 metres at 1,000 metres (347 feet at 1,000 yards). For golfers who wear glasses, the handy dioptre setting allows them to adjust the Pinmaster II exactly for their eyesight.

Jon Sareen, commercial manager, Leica Camera Ltd, said, “This highly accurate rangefinder will become invaluable for any golfer wishing to improve their handicap. The new dual measurement system of yards and metres means any golfer travelling to play abroad can switch easily to the local setting, so is likely to become a permanent item in any golfer’s bag.”

The Leica Pinmaster II not only saves time capturing distances, but also delivers precise readings every time. The extensive range and fast, simple operation mean users avoid the complexity and expense of maintaining electronic mapping systems.

Use of the Leica Pinmaster II on the golf course is allowed under R&A rule 14.3.

Pricing and availability
The Leica Pinmaster II, which includes a case, battery and carrying strap, has suggested retail price of £495 and will be available in March 2011 in the UK and the Republic of Ireland from authorised Leica dealers including the Leica Store Mayfair: www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk, tel 020 7629 1351.

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LEICA PINMASTER II: Technical Specifications

Magnification 7x
Front lens diameter 24mm
Exit pupil 3.4mm
Eye base 15mm
Twilight factor 13
Field of view at 1,000 yards / 1,000 metres 347 feet / 115 metres
Metre/yard setting Yes
Dioptre adjustment +/- 3.5 dioptres
Range 10 to 750 m / 825 yards
Measuring accuracy +/- 1 yard to 412 yards and +/- 1 m at 375 m
+/- 2 yards to 825 yards and +/- 2 m at 750 m
Display 4-character LED display, ambient light controlled brightness
Eye-piece suitable for people wearing glasses Yes
Waterproofing Watertight to depth of 1 m
Body Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D) 113 x 75 x 34mm
Weight 220g including battery
Laser Eye-safe invisible Class 1 laser
Metering functions Scanning mode
First Target Logic If several measurements are available, the distance to the nearest target is always indicated
Power supply 1 x 3V CR2 lithium battery (supplied)
Battery life Approx. 2,000 measurements at 20°C