Sensor Cleaning

Senor Cleaning

Strictly by appointment only by calling Client Care team on 0207 6291 351 ( Please note that all telephone calls are recorded and may be used for training purposes.)

We understand how critical it is to get the most from your Leica S or M digital camera system.

As part of our commitment to ensure that M digital and S-System equipment is maintained to deliver optimum output and continued outstanding results, a professional sensor cleaning service is now available at 27 Bruton Place.

Our technicians ( all officially trained in Solms, Germany) perform this vital service using state-of-the-art technology in a specially designed facility.

Sensor Cleaning

Our sensor cleaning service options are detailed below

Option 1 - Next Day Service
Please ensure your camera is made available to us at 27, Bruton Place and it will be available to collect after 24 hours i.e. from the same booked in time until 17.00pm the next working day.

Option 2 - Same Day Service
If you are bringing your camera for a same-day sensor clean, then it must be available to us by 12.00am to enable collection between 16.30 and 17.00 pm that same working day.

Please note our sensor cleaning service is available 9.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday but not available at weekends or Bank Holidays

To book an appointment for sensor cleaning simply contact our Client Care team on 01908 256400 ( Please note that all telephone calls are recorded and may be used for training purposes.), Please note however that , in order to ensure our service standards above are met ,these are subject to availability and charged in advance.

We will conduct initial checks on the camera which includes taking a test image to establish the level of dust, dirt, smears and where they are located. If we discover an issue with the camera or feel it is unsafe to clean the sensor we will contact you to discuss the appropriate course of action.

Each camera will be thoroughly cleaned to meet our exacting standards and ensure you get the best possible images from your camera.

Please help us to help you and ensure that when you deliver your camera for sensor cleaning that you do so along with -
camera body cap
fully charged battery
and that you have downloaded any image files or data to your satisfaction and have removed the memory card(s)

In addition, every new purchaser of an S-System or M9 from Leica Store Mayfair will receive a complimentary voucher for a free sensor clean which can be redeemed any time in the 12 months following purchase.

Subsequent sensor cleans will be charged at the prevailing price at the time.

Sensor Cleaning Retail Prices ex VAT

Camera Sensor clean price
ex VAT - per unit
Same Day Service premium
ex VAT - per unit
S2 black £75 £25
S2-P black £75 £25
M9 black £60 £25
M9 steel grey £60 £25
M8.2 black £50 £25
M8.2 silver £50 £25
M8 black £50 £25
M8 Silver £50 £25

Please note VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate

Late collections – these are subject to a charge of £20 per day or part thereof

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sensor cleaning in our handy guide to sensor cleaning.

Just click on the image to download this guide as a pdf.

Sensor Cleaning PDF